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Aerial Surveys

Aerial Building Surveys

Benefits of Aerial Infrared Surveys

Aerial building surveys are often the most effective method for inspecting buildings. They provide a comprehensive overview of the entire structure and can identify a wide range of issues, including heat loss, air leakage, and moisture.

Because they can be conducted quickly and cost-effectively, they offer a cost-efficient means of identifying and addressing potential problems. In many cases, they are the best choice for building inspections due to their efficiency, accuracy, and ability to cover a large area in a single pass.

Reasons for choosing aerial surveys over on-ground surveys include:

  • Efficiency: Aerial surveys allow you to scan an entire building quickly and cost-effectively. These surveys can cover a large area in a short amount of time, whereas on-ground surveys often cannot.
  • Comprehensive coverage: With aerial surveys, you can scan the entire building at once, identifying more potential problems in a single pass. On-ground surveys only allow small areas to be surveyed at a time.
  • Safety: Aerial surveys can be done from a distance, reducing risk from workers climbing on the roof for inspection. On-ground surveys often require workers to be near building hazards.
  • Better accuracy: Aerial surveys use advanced infrared cameras that can detect subtle temperature variations and other hard-to-detect issues. On-ground surveys often rely on visual inspection which can be less accurate.

Using Infrared to Identify Building Issues

By detecting temperature differences on the surface of the building, these surveys can help to identify areas of the building that are at risk of damage, such as leaks or areas of excessive heat. This information can be used to prevent more serious problems from occurring, and can save time and money by allowing for early intervention.

In addition, our surveys can provide valuable data and information that can be used to improve the design and construction of future buildings. Overall, aerial surveys are an important part of ensuring the safety and integrity of buildings.

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Aerial survey of a building and surrounding area